Insurance and Payment Information

Natural Paths combines conventional and complimentary medical care. These services may not be recognized by some insurance companies, but attempt will be made to bill based on time spent during the consultation as well as the complexity of the visit.  Functional Medicine lab testing may be partially or completely covered by insurance depending on the plan. Most major insurance plans are accepted.  Please contact our billing department to inquire whether Dr. Robinson participates with your insurance plan.
New Patient

45 - 60 minutes

This visit will allow for consolidation of your specific medical concerns and an overview of previous lab work and imaging that you bring to your visit.  During this visit, it is determined which, if any specialized Functional Medicine Laboratory Tests should be ordered.  Please see Genova Diagnostics website for a full list of available tests at

Medical Office Visit for Lab Follow Up

30  - 60 minutes

During this visit, Functional Medicine labs and conventional medicine lab testing are reviewed with recommendations of diet and lifestyle changes, supplements, detoxification protocols.

Follow Up Visit​

15 - 30 Minutes in Office

This visit will allow for a check in to reset your wellness plan or

Telemedicine/Follow Up Visit (Phone Consultation)

60 - 30 Minutes

Telemedicine visits are not billed to insurance, but will be charged according to length of visit and complexity.  You may pay via credit card an invoice will be provided to submit to your insurance company

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